Thanks PicMonkey

Thanks PicMonkey

While I’m trying to learn the setup of WordPress let me direct you to two very important places…..First…..Dandelions Dreams  this is my blog!  lol  I’m reading up and trying to decide rather to join this at WordPress with the one on…..or just start this one from here on….. any thoughts or suggestions?   

Secondly…   without Picmonkey photo editing I would be doing everything with my Photoshop.  Don’t get me wrong…I love, love, love Photoshop but…my desktop is over 12 years old and while I have great speed, when I have several large programs open at once it shows its age!!  PicMonkey is great for this as well as for my laptop.  No downloading a lot of extra stuff to my hard-drive!!   So, with that……if you’ve ever wanted to know how some of the cute little tags, pages and photo editing tricks are done, this is the place to learn!!  



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